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Janelco Printing Services, White River, Mpumalanga
Mpumalanga Printing Company / Janelco Distributers, Printing and Signage services


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Janelco proudly provide a wide range of Printing products & services. We specialise in :- signage, printing on photo-paper & canvas (Blocking included); stickers, banners & posters ; and a unique line of printing for specific company/corporate branding purposes. Also :- printing services include laser cutting of special shapes & patterns on wood ; engraving/sandblasting on cups, mugs, glassware, trophies and silverware.

We are popular for logo-branding & printing of T-shirts, caps and many more items.



Janelco specialise in sign-writing, and are the only sign-writers in White River ; therefore is this service in popular demand.


Signage services consist of the following:


  • Billboards
  • Signboards (Chromadek/Vinyl)
  • Shopfront Signs
  • Teardrop/Sharkfin Banners


  • Pop-up banners
  • Pull-up banners
  • Contra-Vision sign printing
White River Signage, Sign board printing services, billboards, banners, teardrops, Chromadek and vinyl signs, Car Branding Janelco offers a wide range of Signage printing services in the Lowveld - Ehite River including sign boards , branding, and shop front signs and contra-vision window signs

Sign Boards

Contra-Vision signs / Window Signage



Janelco performs a wide range of high-quality printing on both canvas and photographic paper. This printing can be done to sizes from small to very large, depending upon the client's requirements. We also Frame or Block canvas prints as an optional extra service.

And we provide an economical method to promptly & conveniently develop photographs as small or as large as you wish.


  • Canvas Printing
  • Canvas Blocking/Framing
  • Photo Printing
  • Wide format printing


High quality, wide format and large scale photo prints/printing services for photo paper aswell as cancas (plus framing/blocking) at Janelco Printing, White River Janelco prints high quality photographic printing services at very reasonable prices, printing as small or as large as you wish

Canvas Printing & Blocking

Photographic Prints



Janelco are specialists in the printing of a huge selection of advertising stickers and posters. These are specifically produced for either indoor or outdoor purposes.


  • Poster printing
  • Outdoor & indoor posters
  • Sticker printing
  • Outdoor & indoor stickers
Sticker and poster printing at Janelco - high quality and durable printed material Janelco also prints high quality material sticker printing for outdoor usage aswell as indoor usage

Poster Signs

Sticker Printing



Janelco are well-known for creating items in the category of ..... 'Personalised for You' !

This might be for company branding, or corporate clothing or uniforms, or engraving on glassware, silverware, (just name it -- we do it) for private or business.




  • Promotional Branding
  • T-shirt Branding
  • Cap Branding
  • Car magnets/branding




  • Sandblasting glass
  • Sandblasting drinking glasses
  • Engraving Silverware



  • Cup/Mug/Glassware Branding
  • Sash Branding
  • Bag/backpack branding




  • Engraving Trophies
  • Engraving Pocket Knives ect.
Promotional or personalised item branding of t-shirts, caps, bags cups, mugs, car branding (car magnets), engraving or sandblasting glassware and silverware at Janelco - White River Car branding and car magnets printing is also a handy service Janelco offers in the Lowveld area

T-shirt Branding

Car Branding / Magnets



Laser Cutting is an amazingly impressive technique, creating artistic objects and ornaments, usually from wood. This technique, which Janelco has mastered, allows customers to have made for them specially crafted & created ornaments, gifts, and specific items of interest.


Come in to the shop to specially examine examples of this fascinating art - then allow us to create your very own masterpieces of household decorations, or any of Laser-Cuttings other intrinsic benefits & and elegant purposes.


Popular examples of Laser Cutting :


  • Coasters
  • Model Structures
  • Wooden boxes
  • Jewelry boxes



  • Wooden Ornaments
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Personalised Engraving in Wood
  • Wooden Signs / Name Tags
Laser Cutting services , cutting wooden ornaments and shaping them at Janelco Laser cutting and engraving in wood - creating structures and customising ornamnets

Laser Cutting - Wooden Ornaments

Laser Cutting - Engraving Wood



Popular examples of Personalized rubber stamps:


  • Printer Line :
    The Printer Line offers a choice of sizes from small and handy to large and generous - the largest range of formats up to round, oval and even triangle.


  • Heavy Duty :
    Comprehensive range for every use: from Classic Line and Expert Line for strudy and heavy use up to the light weight Office Line


  • EOS Line :
    With EOS-Line the text plate itself is already impregnated with ink. These Flash Stamps are available in assorted sizes, including extra-large.


  • Microban® :
    COLOP® stamps with Microban® antibacterial protection - THE new innovation in the stamp business.


  • Green Stamps :
    Green Stamps are CO2 neutral - unavoidable CO2 emissions are compensated by means of investment into climate protection projects (GOLD STANDARD Projects), based on the system boundary “cradle to gate”.
Personalised Colop Rubber Stamps sold at Janelso in white River, Mpumalanga Colop Rubber stamps that can be perosnalised for your needs , by Janelco Shop in White River, Mpumalanga

Our custom made light boxes can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Custom Made Wooden Lightboxes - sold at Janelco Store in White River, Mpumalanga Light Boxes - Sutom made wooden Signage Mpumalanga



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